Cricket Flour Cookie Experiment: 5 Cookies, 1 winner

cookie experiment

Which tastes the best? 100% cricket flour, 50%, 20% or none? Check out our experiment!

Cricket Pasta is made with 20% cricket flour. A unique pasta that packs in the nutrients! But we were wondering, does the 20% cricket flour ratio make it tastier? How about in cookies? So we took the flour used in the pasta and did an experiment with 5 sets of cookies. The first, 100% cricket flour no added gluten. Second, 100% cricket flour with added gluten. Third, 50% cricket flour. Fourth, 20 % and finally a regular, no cricket flour cookie. We did it as scientifically as possible; weighing all the ingredients and baking all at the same time. However, for different percentages of cricket flour, bake time may differ for optimal flavor!

During the experiment, we found that the 0% cricket flour one was quite plain. More chocolate, sugar and peanut butter is needed in this recipe (for all of them)! The 20% cricket flour cookie was much better. More flavor was added by it! 50% was also good but started to get a bit too heavy. The 100% with added gluten and the 100% without both tasted the same and tasted like eating a spoonful of flour; not what you want in a cookie. But we found out that the flour didn’t need any added gluten, especially when mixing with other types of flour (we used white but you can use tapioca, coconut etc). After careful consideration (and multiple taste tests), we decided that the cookies with 20% were the best! We think if you use your favorite cookie recipe and substitute 20% of the flour for cricket flour, you will also find the flavor more complex and improved! Check out the video here:

If you’ve tried any recipes with cricket flour, let us know!


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