AFFIA-Association for Ento-culture in ASEAN Countries

The ASEAN Food and Feed Insects Association (AFFIA)혻works to develop entomo-culture in ASEAN countries and companies

Bugsolutely joined AFFIA?셲 first meeting on the 23rd of August as a founding member of the association. Not only was it AFFIA?셲 first meeting, but it was also the first meeting of its kind in South-East Asia!

AFFIA joins the International Platform for Insects as Food and Feed (IPIFF) and the North American Edible Insects Association (NAEIC) in developing the edible insect industry. In the Tuesday meeting, members defined AFFIA?셲 mission as:

?쏷he ASEAN Food and Feed Insects Association- AFFIA- aims at bringing industry and research stakeholders from the insects??sector in a collaborative movement towards the development of entomoculture, entomophagy and their related activities.??

The meeting also allowed members to discuss common goals and objectives. The objectives agreed혻upon were to:

  • Define regulatory requirements at National and ASEAN levels for insect products and 혻to work in collaboration with the related authorities (national, regional, international)
  • Work together on access to markets, at local regional and international levels, especially EU and US markets혻
  • Work in sub-groups under two main sectors called “Food” and “Feed”. Food includes insect species having most of their applications as human food (e.g. pet food [crickets]). Feed includes insect species having most of their applications as animal feed (e.g. waste management).
  • Promote the consumption of insects
  • Work together on transboundary issues to define shared positions (e.g. halal status)

Future Steps

Through AFFIA, companies and countries involved in entomo-culture can learn from each other?셲 various specialities and knowledge in the industry.혻AFFIA?셲 next steps are to map out the industry within ASEAN countries and create a plan for upcoming activities to further the association’s objectives.

AFFIA Members at first meeting

From left: Smile bull Marketing- M. Surawat Rungtao혻from Smile BUll Marketing -Thailand, M. Nathan Preteseille from AETS-Thailand, M. Bart Vertstappen혻from EAWAG-Indonesia, M. Thanaphum Muang from Global Bugs Asia-Thailand, M. Massimo Reverberi from Bugsolutely- Thailand, Dr. Wasaporn Chanput from Kasetsart University-Thailand, Mrs. Anne Deguerry from Entofood-Malaysia, M. Nicolas Bery from Eco Insect Farming-Thailand, Dr. Paijit Sangchai from Star Bugs Insects Food Products-Thailand, M. Gaetan Crielaard from Entobel- Vietnam, M. Korsak Towankatavanit from National Science and Technology Innovation Office-Thailand, M. Devandaren Ganesan- Malaysia.


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